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I Dream my Painting, And Then I Paint my Dream
- Vincent Van Gogh


Pencil sketch - the art of magical drawing, which gives life for the things that are barren and exhibits the beauty in it...!!

Oil Painting - Blossom

Oil Painting - Blossom

Pencil sketch - My Orders

Pencil Sketch - My Orders

Pencil sketch - My Orders

Pencil Sketch - My Orders

Pencil sketch of Lord Shiva

Pencil Sketch - Lord Shiva
Shiva is the "destroyer of evil and the transformer" within the Trimurti, that includes Brahma and Vishnu. Shiva is the Supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe

Pencil sketch - My orders

Pencil Sketch - My Orders

Pencil sketch of LOVE

Pencil Sketch - LOVE
Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure & refers to strong attraction & personal attachment

Pencil sketch of Old Light House Pondicherry

Pencil Sketch - Old Light House Pondicherry
In nineteenth century, the only light to guide ships coming to Pondicherry was atop the Red Hills which was constructed by the French rulers.

Pencil sketch of Cyclone Vardah

Pencil Sketch - Resembling Vardah Cyclone Chennai - Cyclone is a large scale air mass that rotates around an area and differs from a hurricane or typhoon only on the basis of location.

Pencil sketch

Pencil Sketch - My Orders
Compliment on Retirement

Pencil sketch of A Villager

Pencil Sketch - A Villager
A sketch of an Indian Village Women carrying water for her day to day living

Pencil sketch of a Flower Vase

Pencil Sketch - A Flower Vase
A flower vase - Holds flowers and spell out beautiful fragrances to its surroundings..

Pencil sketch

My Orders - Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch of Humanity

Pencil Sketch - Sheer Humanity
We cannot help everyone, BUT everyone can help someone!! - HUMANITY

Pencil sketch of a Young Girl

Pencil Sketch - Young Girl
Childhood is the most innocent & dependent period in one’s life & it’s the time when we start forming ourselves as people

Pencil sketch of a Rose

Pencil Sketch - A Rose
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" & The Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world

Pencil sketch of Tony Stark

Pencil Sketch - Tony Stark
The Iron Man - Anthony Edward Stark, called Tony by most, is an eccentric genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist.

Pencil sketch of Fishery

Pencil Sketch - Fishery is an entity engaged in raising or harvesting fish which is determined by some authority to be a fishery

Pencil sketch

Pencil Sketch - My orders

Pencil sketch of an Old Church

Pencil Sketch - An Old Church
One of the Worlds Historic Churches...

Pencil sketch of a Vintage Car

Pencil Sketch - A Vintage Car
An old style or model of car, specifically one made between 1919 and 1930

Pencil sketch of a Sailing Boat

Pencil Sketch - A Sailing Boat
In olden days, People started crossing seas through these type of small sailing boats..

Pencil sketch

My Orders - Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch of Thala Ajith

Pencil Sketch - Thala Ajith
The Ultimate star of South Indian kollywood and a man with wonderfull sense of humanity and simplicty

Pencil sketch

My Orders - Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch

My Orders - Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch

My Orders - Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch of Minions

Pencil Sketch - Minions
Minions are possibly made from humans by the Minionizer, a ray gun that turns humans into Minions, as seen in Despicable Me

Pencil sketch of Wild Mustangs

Pencil Sketch of Wild Mustangs
The mustang is a free-roaming horse of the American west. Mustangs are often referred to as wild horses

About Me

We are group of self taught artist, hailing from a picturesque city, Pondicherry & chennai, India, who discovered the passion towards pencil and charcoal art in 2015 and this passion towards such an art has elevated me to this level. Eventhough there has been a constant intuition for drawing right from my childhood, the time has arrived for exhibiting my artworks through a channel.

we are attracted more towards pencil and charcoal drawings rather than painting and my drawings will exhibit B&W effect for your modern and colourful thoughts and memories.

And, now this magical art has become an inevitable part of my life...
We hope with all my efforts, we have acheived in stealing your precious time to travel through the avenues of my artworks and we hope to continue them and give out my best in the future with great realistic drawings one day.

- Vignesh Coumarane & Mohan Raj


To Get in Touch - Feel free to Contact us at anytime!!
We are happy to answer your questions or any details.
Just send us a message in the form aside..

For Orders

Pencil drawings are the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, graduations and pretty much any occasion!!

If you are interested in having me draw something for you, Feel free to use the order form below or send me an e-mail at pencilartgallery.in@gmail.com with the picture and details of your requirement.

To fill up your orders, Add your high-resolution photo (1200px and more / it is recommended to send the close-up image) and enter a brief description about the detailing required in the art work.
The photo can be a portrait, a landscape, a pet or any other thing of your choice and it is at your own discretion. The default size of the drawing will be up to A3 and A4 formats for portraits.

Or, If your option is to purchase an already drawn artwork from my gallery, mention the name of the artwork in your message.